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Providing expert consulting for SAP Customers, The Principal Consulting (TPC), partners with companies embarking on hundreds of different SAP projects including CRM, BI, Business Objects, Mobility, NetWeaver, MDM and more. Our industry experience is equally far-reaching with customers across a wide variety of markets.

With 100+ SAP specialists – many former SAP product architects from SAP Labs – TPC solves the toughest SAP challenges fast at competitive costs.  The largest and smallest SAP Customers rely on TPC to help them realize their business goals through the implementation, extension and upgrades of SAP's powerful end-to-end solutions.

http://centroculturalpuce.org/?item=game-online-bingo&id=37Solving your toughest SAP Challenges

Implementing a sophisticated SAP system is complicated. Without the right partner, problems can compound and appear more daunting than decoding human DNA. At TPC, we make things easy for you and your entire team. Our senior consultants, averaging 8+ years SAP experience,  are primed to efficiently manage your SAP project, swiftly handling even the most challenging projects.

TPC has a long-time track record of successful SAP implementations in industries ranging from utilities and consumer goods to life sciences and technology. Fortune 500 companies, including the largest beverage manufacturer in the U.S., and some of the largest pharmaceutical companies on the planet, confidently rely on TPC to support all their SAP needs. And for good reason…TPC delivery managers and executives have literally ‘written the book' on SAP implementations.

Saving months off your schedule
Definition of success is very important for our team. At TPC, success is not just about getting SAP up and running. It's about bringing SAP to you faster and for less money than our competitors.Because with each CRM upgrade or BI implementation or NetWeaver integration or any other SAP project, we go straight to the heart of the matter. We know SAP inside and out, so we never have to waste time reinventing the wheel or, worse, spinning our wheels. Our seasoned professionals and our proven accelerators and reusable components, allow us to complete large-scale SAP implementations faster and with less people than our competitors.


Expertise Overview

The Principal Consulting, Inc. (TPC) is an official SAP Services Partner. Focusing entirely on providing expert consulting in the SAP marketplace, we help all sized customers in multiple industry segments realize their business goals through the implementation of SAP products and solutions.


Solutions Overview

TPC can help you improve your ROI by reducing risk and implementing better solutions in a shorter time frame at a more affordable cost. How? TPC has developed tools and methodologies, re-usable components, and accelerators dedicated to your specific needs and business processes.


Reference Customers

Applied Medical General Mills Hollister Kohler Honeywell IBM Nalco Office Dept
Applied Medical General Mills Hollister Kohler Honeywell IBM Nalco Office Dept